The search for the most appropriate areas and find the most suitable and effective teaching aids for increasingly careful pedagogical proposals to children, has always been our philosophy. The parks of the ski and snowboard school Obereggen, offer the chance to meet all the needs for ages 3 years old and live the magic of skiing.



Children Park 3 years

Fully enclosed space, structured to accommodate children of Schneehaus project.

Inside are placed day by day, the educational paths of children according to the various skills that children acquire in their path of growth and the basis of activities designed and manufactured inside.


Yellow Flag

Children's park 4 years

Completely closed park, with access allowed only to children accompanied by ski instructors, built on a slight incline, to consent to children 4 years of preparing fine motor skills to be able to log in later to Yeti park.

Inside are placed for the first day, the educational paths based on skills that children need to acquire.



Children's park over the age of 4 years

Completely closed park, with access allowed only to children accompanied by ski instructors, in which there are several areas with different slopes, where children take their first steps on skis.

The park is served by a conveyor belt that allows easy and fast ski in complete safety. Built on a series of variable slopes, it allows children to progress and prepare activities for the next steps.

Inside it is placed structured learning courses which meet the various skills to be acquired.



Playground for children and adults

Fenced park that can be accessed either with teachers or alone.

The park offers several trails and different areas of fun and learning.

Served by two moving carpets, it makes it possible to be the safe place to start skiing even for adults.

With the carousel and inflatable to brighten the days of the smallest I still can not put your skis, it can also be a great place for families to spend pleasant moments in which children as well as skiing you can relax.

Well exposed to the sun from the very first hours of the morning and sheltered from the wind, it can also be easily reached on foot.

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